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July 15, 2002                                                                    John Sims


Duck Duds™ proudly offers an exclusive line of camouflage apparel designed specifically for waterfowl hunters

Fort Lauderdale, FL.----- DUCK DUDS, a new waterfowling apparel company based in the southeast Florida area, has created unequaled camouflage patterns and designs. Duck Duds  camo patterns are heralded as the most realistic and innovative waterfowling camouflage patterns to make their appearance in the last 10 years. The pattern blends perfectly and naturally with the natural southern wetlands, sawgrass and marsh environments providing true three-dimensional effects in all natural lighting conditions and scenarios.

The Southern Swamp, Southern Marsh, Southern Wetlands, Southern Swamp Fall, Southern Swamp Winter and Southern Swamp Sawgrass camouflage patterns, among others and their color schemes and clothing designs are the products of many years of research. Field-tested with trial and error during actual waterfowl hunting in varying types of environments associated with the south, and in order to create the best hunt experience and harvest ratio possible, DUCK DUDS has set out to design, create and manufacture camouflage hunting apparel that greatly assists hunters in harvesting more game by detailing the true colors and patterns of the southern waterfowl environments.

There are many things that lead us at DUCK DUDS to the southern marsh pattern concepts. The first consideration is mainly that most wild game birds and animals in the marsh or swamp environments see in full color, as well as a hawk or eagle, and will always visually detect a hunter, or their equipment while they are moving around on the ground or at water level. The second consideration is that most plant life in the southern wetlands environments at, and above the water level, is not at all similar to most camouflage patterns or color schemes that are currently available. These various environments consist of bright and dark greens, dull browns and tans, yellows and natural shadows, along with sky reflections from the water. We have strived to make waterfowlers as invisible as possible to wild game in these scenarios.

Other camouflage patterns currently available to waterfowlers simply do not provide the best possible concealment, coverage or design for a southern marsh environment, especially in the deep south. Realizing this many years ago, DUCK DUDS combined the most appropriate color schemes and patterns to the most common plant life throughout the southeast marsh environments. With the addition and true photographic duplication of common grasses, waterweeds and plant life found in the various types of marsh environments, the patterns began to take shape. The products consist of camouflage patterns that offer southern waterfowl hunters the most realistic alternative and a true advantage in the field or marsh.

Native Floridians who have regularly hunted waterfowl throughout their lives, have helped to design and create the DUCK DUDS waterfowling camouflage patterns specifically for the southern environment not currently available in the waterfowling apparel marketplace. Their hunting and guide experiences range throughout most of the southern United States. They have worked as guides on duck, goose, turkey, deer and hog hunting expeditions for many years and painstakingly have learned from first hand experience in the field that attention to detail in hunting apparel, closely matching the environment, is a major factor in the field experience and means the difference between success and failure.

The painstaking detail and printing processes in creating the final patterns were geared to realistically provide depth for a true three-dimensional effect and to make the design flawlessly compatible in all possible conditions. Contrasting colors and layers of various shapes have allowed us to truly convey the 3-D illusion of depth, giving a feeling of being able to “look through” the pattern to perfectly break up the human form and the outline of waterfowling equipment, even while moving around. The color combinations available, along with the natural shadowing produced in the field, provides an image and natural pattern, which blends in bright sunlight and equally as well in low light or shadows whether out in the open marsh or in more concealed areas.  

The products and apparel with the DUCK DUDS unique camouflage patterns have been, and are currently being field tested by ordinary hunters, like yourself, in Louisiana, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida. Our apparel has been field tested and overwhelmingly approved and recommended, from very hot mosquito infested swamps, moving rivers and river bottoms, flooded timber, cattail marshes, sawgrass prairies, reeds, canals and levees and over-grown swamps. The combinations of colors and shapes we have photographically produced has exceeded all expectations of the hunters and guides who have tested, and who are currently field testing our products.

The DUCK DUDS product line of waterfowl clothing apparel and equipment has been adopted by South Florida Duck Hunters as their camouflage of choice above all others. Many waterfowlers have attributed our patterns to many successful hunts, from a youths first duck hunt to the taking of various waterfowl species, including geese, by experienced waterfowlers. One waterfowler has repeatedly stated that, “Duck Duds make me invisible…” and ever since then, the phrase "The Invisible Edge" has become the DUCK DUDS official phrase and "We make you invisible" the slogan of choice for Duck Duds.

For more information about DUCK DUDS camouflage clothing apparel and our line of products, or for a free information brochure and order form, please E-Mail us at duckduds@duckduds.com You can visit our website at DUCKDUDS.COM Duck Duds fully supports all waterfowl conservation efforts, charities and organizations by promoting membership and sponsorships.



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