Sportsmen of America love the thrill of the hunt…the electrifying tension that permeates the air moments before the ducks fly overhead and the guns fire.Hours can pass in anticipation. After all, hunting’s extraordinary sensory experiences are to be savored. It’s an amazing sensation of victory as the duck falls from the sky. The eagerness as the hunter awaits his dog to return with its prize. Yes, without a doubt, the exhilarating feelings associated with waterfowl hunting are the very foundation of why Duck Duds, LLC exists. By far, it’s not enough to say that waterfowl hunters are passionate about their sport. It truly is an obsession. Each year, this obsession drives millions of waterfowlers into the woods, swamps and marshlands seeking their special trophies. No hunter or waterfowler enjoys coming home empty-handed. That is why we set out to give you that "invisible edge" to succeed in your harvest. The goal of every hunter is to not only experience the feelings as described above but to bask in the glory of having bagged his prey and that of the outdoor experience. 

    In the world of fashion, it’s said that clothes make the man. In the world of the waterfowling sportsman, it’s the camo—and his camouflage outfit—that makes the hunter. And, this is why Duck Duds, LLC is now stepping up to the plate. Today’s space-age technology provides Duck Duds™ with the unique opportunity to bring camouflage apparel up to speed with the new millennium. Duck Duds’ methods of production and its distinctive digital designs bring to hunters a very competitive advantage. Going undetected is of utmost importance to hunters. With Duck Duds™ clothing, patterns and apparel, hunters now can have “The Invisible Edge.”®™

    At Duck Duds, our sole purpose is to cater to and fulfill the needs and wants of today's sophisticated waterfowler, not make a fashion statement. For us, it all started when we were out duck hunting sometime during the middle of the 2000-2001 duck season. We saw some waterfowlers hunting nearby wearing dark, "typical" brown based and yellow colored camouflage apparel (the kind that comes from the big companies offering everything except its products benefits to you)  in a green, healthy southern wetlands environment. Those waterfowlers all stuck out like a sore thumb and could be seen "a mile away", right through the thick cattails, sawgrass and reeds. We imagined what they looked like to waterfowl circling the decoys from above. The staff at Duck Duds™  made it a point from then on, to supply waterfowlers in the south, and all over North America, with the means to become truly invisible, and remain totally comfortable while in the swamp, marsh or field. 

    The Duck Duds™  brand is proud to offer exclusive waterfowling camouflage patterns and a line of waterfowling apparel that is designed with a new kind of natural photographic based camouflage pattern from a new kind of company. At Duck Duds, we realize that the other available camouflage patterns are not designed with the southern states waterfowler or hunter in mind. With that, we set out to provide high definition, three-dimensional, photo realistic, non-manipulated digital photographic camouflage patterns that perfectly blend with any southern marsh or wetlands environments. Available in a variety of patterns, styles and fabrics, the Duck Duds™  brand of apparel is perfect for use in sawgrass, cattails, reeds, cypress, mangroves, and other marsh grasses and environments during the fall, winter, early spring and summer seasons. 

    The Duck Duds brand of waterfowling apparel has been adopted by southern waterfowlers, conservationists, biologists, and researchers as the camouflage patterns of choice above all others. Our Southern Marsh, Southern Swamp, and Southern Sawgrass patterns are the result of many hours of field-testing and trial and error by waterfowlers just like you. Produced by and for the waterfowler, the patented, copyrighted and trademarked patterns, styles and color schemes blend perfectly and naturally with all southern wetlands environments providing true three-dimensional effects in all lighting conditions. With varying aspects of color and contrast in realistic multiple layers, Duck Duds™ clothing—and related accessories—creates the appearance of depth and true 3-D realism. At Duck Duds, we don't care to provide camouflage patterns to make a fashion statement. We care to make you invisible to waterfowl, at a very reasonable price and only with top quality merchandise. 

    Major camouflage pattern licensors boast that their exclusive hi-definition camo patterns are photographic quality digital images. Duck Duds™  camouflage gear and patterns are actually designed so that a true high resolution photographic image projects and mimics an amazingly realistic illusion of depth, movement, shadowing and color as opposed to the traditional two-dimensional patterns which are the only available patterns currently on the market. Our patterns are actually a true high resolution photograph printed directly on the fabric, not artistically rendered "digital images". The only layer of images on Duck Duds™  patterns is designed and printed in high resolution, three-dimensional photo-quality detail for a perfect match with nearly any southern waterfowling environment. Since there are no “secondary layers”, the Duck Duds™  actual photographic patterns appear as though you're looking right through it rather than directly at it. With the background of natural colors and tones creating shading and highlighting, the hunter blends right into the surroundings. The Duck Duds™  patterns also incorporate varying intensities of light and dark colors, extreme clarity, exceptional detail and three-dimensional depth for a naturally-shadowed look that completely breaks up and eliminates the hunter’s human outline form in any environment and at any distance. And, our patterns do this without the hunter appearing like a dark blob against his environment. Our patterns work up close and far away because they are designed and printed to match the actual physical size of the vegetation and environment you hunt in. With Duck Duds™  patterns, hunters don't just blend into their environment; they'll be invisible in it. Due to the nature of Duck Duds™ proprietary actual photographic patterns and their ability to disguise hunters to the maximum benefit, it is natural that Duck Duds' gives waterfowlers “The Invisible Edge.”®™


    Our exclusive process of Digital Textile Printing offers unlimited possibilities, any color or combinations, logos, repeat size, images and allows us to manufacture "Custom Camo". Our photographic camo patterns can be printed on any quality of textiles. The end result is stunning and the quality of the textile is not different from the quality of traditional rotary, heat transferred or screen printed textiles. We have on-demand instant individual supply for custom patterns. 

    Your quality apparel comes from Duck Duds.com. Please take this opportunity to get to know us and your flexible ordering opportunities. We choose our marketing promotions and spend our profit dollars very carefully to ensure every advertising dollar pays for itself and is not handed down to you in the form of increased prices for an increased profit, or to pay for unnecessary marketing ploys. We have streamlined our business systems and billing processes. We don't have any expensive or cheap "frills" and we don't waste your money on unnecessary things like celebrity duck hunts, paying high profile people to show you what you already know and what you already love to do and expensive give-a-ways to try to get you to buy our products. Our outstanding quality and outstanding patterns will take care of that. We don't abuse our customers, and we strive to treat them like we like to be treated ourselves, with courtesy and respect. Second, we are straight shooters. There are no tricks in what we do and how we do it. We just use good old fashioned, reliable, sound and proven business principles. Even though it may be more expensive for us, and most apparel manufacturers think we're crazy, we make all of our products right here at home so as to keep our own country and economy strong and working. We don't believe in sacrificing this great land and it's workers for the end result of increased profits and lower quality products, plus increased costs for you. We also print our own material and patterns to keep "middle-man" prices out of the equation, and to better control the quality of our final product, resulting in even lower costs to you. Anyone who expects less than top quality from the Duck Duds brand both in our products and customer service will be disappointed. What's the end result of all of this? Well, we are happy to tell you that we are a small entrepreneurial company that is profitable, and expects to be extremely competitive and in business for many years to come, thanks to your valued support. All of this, of course, is due to value-conscious customers and friends like you. Thank you very much for being our best customer!

You can count on Duck Duds to make you truly invisible.                                             Available fall 2006.

For more information about the DUCK DUDS brand of camouflage clothing apparel, patterns and our line of products, or for a free information brochure and order form, please E-Mail us at info@duckduds.com. You can call us toll free at 1-866-DUCK-DUDS (1-866-382-5383) or visit our website at DUCKDUDS.COM fully supports all waterfowl conservation efforts, charities, research and non-profit organizations by promoting membership and sponsorships.




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